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Today, the data of almost every industry, government system is stored in the cloud or cyberspace. It is important to keep this valuable data and transactions on it safe and sound. This is because the types of online fraud, cyber crime and cyber terrorism through hacking are increasing day by day. In Pune alone, 5,523 complaints have been registered with the Pune police in 2018, 7,795 in 2019, 14,950 in 2020 and 19,023 in 2021.


Cybersecurity Jobs Report: 3.5 Million Openings In 2025

The New York Times reported in 2018 that a stunning statistic is reverberating in cybersecurity: Cybersecurity Ventures’ prediction that there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs globally by 2021, up from one million positions in 2014. Despite industry-wide efforts to reduce the skills gap, the prediction has come true and the world’s open cybersecurity positions in 2021 is enough to fill 50 NFL stadiums.


Hackers’ Path Eased as 600,000 U.S. Cybersecurity Jobs Sit Empty

President Joe Biden has urged U.S. companies to “harden your cyber defenses immediately” amid a growing risk of Russian cyber-attacks. For many, that won’t be easy.The war for talent has been well-telegraphed throughout the country, but it’s particularly acute in cyber security.


3 Health Data Hacks Affect 1.4 Million Individuals

Hacking incidents recently reported as major data breaches by three different types of health sector entities - a children's hospital, a managed care plan and a government contractor - have in total compromised the sensitive information of more than 1.4 million individuals. Some experts say the incidents reflect a continuation of worrisome healthcare sector cyberattack trends.