“Our mission is to develop Next Gen Cyber Security and Data Science experts with a global perspective through a mix of technology, international security and data privacy requirements for gainful employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for our students.”

Dr. Prakash Sharma

Principal & Director - Corporate Relations

In our pursuit to get the internship and placements for our students, upon meeting with some of the leading national and multi-national companies in the field of Cyber Security and Digital Science, not only we received overwhelming requirements but also got the appreciation for our Unique Employability Enhancement Approach using Graduate Employability Quotient (GEQ) initiatives, which would enhance the quality of our students to the extent that, it would surpass the expectations of these companies.

Demand for Cyber Security Professionals

Cyber security jobs are in high demand and are going to remain so for many years to come. As the world is going digital, more and more businesses are going online. Be it a small firm or a big business, all can be victims of cyber-attacks. And hence, the demand for skilled cyber security professional is on the rise.

Start-up India and Make in India are key motivating factors for today’s tech enabled generation to establish themselves as entrepreneurs and become job-givers instead of job-seekers. Arham would support students with Technology, Industry Expert Mentors, Incubation, Government Licencing, Start-up registration and networking opportunities with Angel Investors and other financing options. Arham already has a fleet of top level managers from the related industry available as mentors and potential investors, Incubation Laboratory, network of angel investors through P-Combinator.